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“Why Progressive
Christians Vote Blue”

by Pastor Frank
October 25, 2020

 “How I Overcame Addiction and Mental Health Struggles”
Chaz DePaolo

October 18, 2020

“All Really Does Mean All”
by Pastor Frank
October 4, 2020

“Positivity in Times of Crisis”
by Annie Joost
September 27, 2020

“How to Forgive Yourself”
by Pastor Frank
September 6, 2020

“Resilience Boot Camp”
Rev. Dr. Mary Dennis
August 30, 2020

Closing Hymn: Wonderful Peace
 with Lyrics. Beautiful contemporary version

“Pastor turns Agnostic”
Clydette Overturf
August 9, 2020

Q&A with
Clydette Overturf
August 9, 2020

“Was Jesus Spiritual And Not Religious?” Rev. Frank Schaefer
July 26, 2020

“Lessons We Can Learn from Trees”
Pastor Frank
July 19, 2020

“Of a Mother’s Love Begotten”
Andrew Rowberg
May 10, 2020

“Where is God?”
Pastor Frank
May 3, 2020

“Easter People Raise Your Voices”
Andrew Rowberg & Pastor Frank April 26, 2020

“Being An Easter People”
by Lexi Reichman

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hymn with lyrics “Thine Be the Glory” produced for our Zoom Service by Andrew Rowberg & Pastor Frank, April 12, 2020
Good Friday Presentation
by the pastors of the Santa Barbara United Methodist Churches

Living through the Pandemic with Faith – A Dialogue Sermon
with Andrew Rowberg
and Pastor Frank Schaefer
Sunday, March 15th, 2020

We Are Still The Body of Christ
by Andrew Rowberg
Sunday, Jan 19th, 2020

Message: Beauty from Ashes
by Frank Schaefer
Sunday, Jan 12th, 2020

Message: Trouble may find me,
but it’s not going to keep me down!
by Frank Schaefer

Sunday, Jan 5th, 2020

Special Music: “Reason” by Michael Miller & Frank Schaefer
Sunday, Oct 27th, 2019

Even Then LIVE cover by UMeIV at the Zuma 2019 concert in Malibu CA

You Have Told us live cover by UMeIV at the Zuma Concert 2019, Malibu

This Is Amazing Grace live cover by UMeIV at the Zuma Concert 2019, Malibu

Good to be Alive live cover by UMeIV at the Zuma Concert 2019, Malibu

by Andrew Rowberg
4th of July Talk

by Pastor Frank
The Road to Motherhood
Mother’s Day Message by Chely & Bernie(May 12, 2019)
Our Community Garden
Grand Opening Party – Food, Fun, Fellowship! (May 5, 2019)
Statement by Pastor Frank on the Local Channel 3 News

“The Coddling of the Chrisian Mind” by Andrew Rowberg

“You Say” Worship Song
(welcome our new member: LingLing on the keyboad)
“Time to be Happy”
Guest Speaker: Dr. Rory Goshorn

Prayer Song: “On My Knees”
UMeIV Worship Band

“Mary Did You Know?”
UMeIV Worship Band

“A Friend in yhe Highest of Places”
Andrew Rowberg

All You Need is Love (The Beatles)
Who would have thought a Beatles’ song could be sun in Church?

Pastor Frank on #MeToo

Bruce’s Farewell Message

Lexi and Le say goodbye

Pastor Frank recounts 25 years of Ministry

Short Baptism Water scene

Sea-side Baptism service for our sister Mo Rea

Guest speaker: Andrew Rowberg
“Spirituality AND Religion”

Guest speaker: Tim Schaefer
“The Conversion of Philip”

Remembering Pastor Harry…
Anita shares about their life and ministry. 07/01/2018

Remembering Pastor Harry…
Sermon manuscript from 30 ys ago
Message presented at UMeIV

 “Racism Doesn’t Make Sense”
Message at University UMC

 One Love, One Heart…
Closing Song

 Let’s Go to Zuma Live!!
Our band, UMeIV, performed at this year’s Zuma Live open-air benefit concert on 05/19/2018

 “I Can See Clearly Now”
UMeIV at Zuma Live, Malibu, CA

 “Give Me Your Eyes”
UMeIV at Zuma Live, Malibu CA

 “God Knows my Name”
UMeIV at Zuma Live, Malibu CA

 “God of the Hills & Valleys”
UMeIV at Zuma Live, Malibu CA

 Song: Gift of Love

 Commissioning Service
Our Bernie along with 4 others from First Church and St. Mark became official Stephen ministers!

 The Trouble with Judging Others
Message by Pastor Frank

Good Friday Presentation
based on the 7 last words of Jesus Christ (by Pastor Frank)

Forgiveness to Happiness
by Pastor Frank

Worship Bytes from 03/25
Bernie finds stardom
Andrew sings for the first time
(with a mic)

“Overcoming Obstacles”
based on James 1:2-4
by Pastor Frank
from 03/11/2018

 UMeIV’s version of the latest
Tenth Ave. North song
from 02/04/2018
  “How to Love Yourself”
Message 1 of 3
by Pastor Frank
from 02/04/2018
 Lizard’s Mouth Rock
Discover Santa Barbara Trip
from 02/04/2018

 All My Hope
UMeIV’s version of the
new Crowder song
from 02/04/2018

 Love Your Enemy
by Dr. Martin Luther King
From 01/14/2018

 Study Hall – A Full Success
  Hear testimonies from students
about this amazing ministry.

 ‘Tis the Season
  Learn about our Warming Center

 Overcoming Self-Doubt
  Message by Pastor Frank

Discover SB: Yule Tree Lighting in Solvang, California
Listen to “Beautiful Things”
by our worship band UMeIV
Inside Look into University UM Church – a celebration of our ministries.
Message: “The Problem of Evil”
by Jordan Smith
Nov 12, 2017
UMeIV blesses the Relationship
of Bernie & Chely
Posted on 11-3-2017

Ceremony took place on 08/19/2017

Karma & Christianity
Message by Pastor Frank

Sunday 10/29/2017

Worship Live from UMeIV
“I Will Trust in You”

Sunday 10/29/2017

Discovery Trip to Knapps Castle
Music by Ethan Bertrand and UMeIV

Sunday 10/22/2017

Worship Live from University UMC
UMeIV leads the singing of “Oceans”

BBQ at Campus 880
Fund and Fellowship


Worship Live from UMeIV
Chely Rodriguez

Sunday 10/8/2017

Message: “When Will the Senseless Violence Stop?” Pastor Frank

Sunday 10/8/2017

Worship – Experience part of
our Sunday service
Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017

Message by Pastor Frank
“Unfair Grace”
Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chely reflects on her wedding
and the church support she has
found in University UMC, Isla Vista.
Sunday, August 20, 2017

Special Music: “Hallelujah”
by Tanja Luderschmid
Sunday, June 04, 2017

Worship and communion
at UMeIV
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Graduation Message
by Pastor Frank
Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sermon by Rev. Mark Richardson,
guest speaker
Sunday, April 30, 2017

Q&A with Rabbi Debi Lewis
Sunday, April 9, 2017
 Message: “The Early Church
supported LGBTQ Persons –
Why Don’t We Now?”
by Pastor Frank
Sunday, March 19, 2017
 Worship Song: “Child of God”
(written by Mark Miller)
led by UMeIV
Sunday, March 19, 2017
 El Burrito De Belen – a Carol from
Christmas Program
 Feliz Navidad – a Puerto Rican Carol
Christmas Program12/18/2016
 Message by Pastor Frank
“God Gives a Crap,
and So Should We”
  Sunday 12/04/2016