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click image above for a summary video (30 min)

Summary of Meeting with architect, Paul Zink
(April 1, 2021)

Paul Zink is a well-respected architect who has also served on several review boards of the city of Santa Barbara. He has a history with working with United Methodist churches. 1. Though we would sign a contract, he will bill us for hourly work at $150/hour.  2. He will forgo his usual retainer for us.

Meeting Summary:
1. We need to get him all architectural drawings previously done from the county as well as a priority renovation wish list (with three categories)
2. He will work as a project manager, working together with us, the structural engineer and a contractor.
3. He will work with us on a priority list and outline the project in two or three phases.
4. He will produce all the drawings needed for the permits and will apply for the permits needed.
5. He will work be negotiating with the county review boards on our behalf.

Project Specifics:
1. He gives priority to the structural issues
2. He suggests fumigation after the repairs are done
3. He suggests to do an asbestos test later
4. He suggests (if we have the funds) to build a new bathroom addition.
5. He says some repairs can be done without permits (for restorative work)
6. He said that we don’t need to put in additional parking
7. Since we need to spend 20% of the construction costs on ADA code reqs. we should think about bringing the kitchen, bathrooms and stage area access up to code.

Terminix Inspection (03/16/2021)
Today we had Chris from Terminix who came up with a $ $9,675 estimate for the tenting of the church building to get rid of several colonies of termites and our rodent infestation. Tomorrow, we will have Orkin give us their estimate. [click for entire proposal]

On a sad note, both the architects that Kevin recommended declined taking on our project because they are super-busy. We are pursuing other recommended architects.

After the successful re-homing of our house-less friends, we have started to clean up the area (they left wood boards, old furniture, and trash). It took Bob and me about 2 hours to clean up the fenced-in “Meditation Garden area. Looking nice again!

Meeting with Contractor Mark Magid & Associates

Click here for the Summary Report from the Meeting with the Contractors (03/11/2021)

Also: check out some drone footage of our interior and exterior. Click the pic below

Phone Call with Architect (03/08/2021):

After talking to an architect, we have a clearer picture of the situation with the ADA compliance situation in Santa Barbara County. For any repair work that requires permits churches must….
— spend an additional 20% of the entire cost of the project for ADA related updates.
–if the entire project cost exceeds $137.000, the church must fulfill ALL ADA requirements.
So, lets say, fixing the wall in the back along with reinforcing the trusses comes to $120,000 we must spend $22,000 in addition to upgrade ADA codes. We may choose to spend that amount on bringing the front door up to code or the bathrooms. As soon as we spend 22K we fulfilled our obligation.
So, now we’re waiting for estimates from contractors to see which applies to us. Stay tuned!

Summary of the Meeting with our Structural Engineer:

1. Repairing the church seems the best option for us given our budget.
2. Permits for repairs should not be problematic and could be granted within 2 months time
3. We need to hire an architect for the permit process
4. We need to hire a contractor for the actual work
5. We should allow about a year for the project.
Scope of the Repairs:

1. the big window needs to be replaced and the wall needs to be braced. Alternative windows need to be installed, ideally windows that can be opened mechanically or electronically
2. Six failing roof support beams (trusses) need to be reinforced.

Bob and I had a meeting with structural engineer, Kevin Vandervort, who came up with a solution for our structural problems. Click on picture for an audio of most of the meeting.
2/2/21. Marty and Frank went to the church to take some measurements and also take some pictures of the pews. The pews will hopefully be sold and eventually be replaced by chairs.
Here is a structural repair plan that was created about 8 years ago. Click on the picture to see the complete plan. We are meeting with the company rep this week to see what our options are.
Thanks to Marty, we have a complete list of measurements. Thank you!!!!

View our past permits filed with Santa Barbara County: