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Alex in the Netherlands, Utrecht U:

I have been doing very well here! I am making a lot of new friends, both international and Americans abroad. I also have been enjoying my classes and all of the excursions we have been going on. At the end of January I visited my great Aunt in France for five days! Later this month,  one of my friends from UCSB who is studying abroad in Lyon, France is coming to visit me in Utrecht! I am having the time of my life over here!   (Feb 8, 2018)
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Lexi an Le in Denmark (University of Copenhagen)

Message from Lexi (Aug 13th): We’ve been loving it here in Denmark. Everybody has been
sweet to us. We found a great friend group and are learning Danish. It’s pretty hard to learn..

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2/26/2017 – Caisha from the Roatan Dive Center, Honduras:

“Hope all is1268940_643303032366905_1325859184_o well! I just wanted to update you all on my past 28 days here. On Saturday I finished all of the examinations and passed with flying colors, so I am now an official PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor as well as Emergency First Responder Instructor…. I have already started teaching some of the Divemaster candidates and will continue to teach courses through the dive shop here until I leave. Attached are some photos from my time here and here is a link to a video showing some of my training.”

IMG_0620 IMG_0014

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