Celebration of Love

Love in Every Language

A celebration of love and friendship
(February 19, 2017)


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“All Love All the Time” U.Me.IV & friends

Download or stream the professionally recorded
live performance of 8 Love songs by U.Me.IV:

1. “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” (Martin Smith) by U.Me.IV
2. “Love is a Song” (Switchfoot) performed by U.Me.IV             
3. “Lucky” (Jason Mraz) duet by Jordan and Elle/ U.Me.IV         
4. “I’m gonna Lose You” (Meg Trainor) Jordan and Elle / U.Me.IV 
5. “Stand by Me” (Ben King) performed by U.Me.IV                 
6. “I MIss You” written and performed by Ethan Bertrand          
7. “By Our Love” (Peter Scholtes) performed by U.Me.IV          
8. Piano: “The Gift of Love” performed by Andrew Rowberg  


 “Love in Every Language” Program:

Prelude Instrumental: Amazing Love Andrew Rowberg

Greeting & Announcements Chely Rodriguez-Rubio

Opening Song: “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” (Martin Smith) U.Me.IV

Opening Remarks Pastor Frank

Song: “Your Love is A Song” (Switchfoot) U.Me.IV

Reading from “Islam and Companion: A Friendship Story” Leah Chirinos-Aleman

Duet: “Lucky” (Jason Mraz) Jordan and Elle

Reading from Rabbi Kushner: “Only Our Relationships Endure” Bruce Tsaim

Duet: “I’m Going to Lose You” (by Meg Trainor) performed Jordan and Elle

Prayer for Strengthening our Love Relationships Pastor Frank

Song: “Stand by Me” U.Me.IV

Sharing a sign of Friendship

Reading from the Christian Scriptures: Chely Rodriguez-Rubio  1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Special Music Ethan Bertrand

Meditation Pastor Frank

Closing Song: They’ll Know we are Christians By Our Love U.Me.IV

Closing Prayer Bernie Rubio

Words for the Journey (from the Buddhist tradition) Pascal Schaefer

Postlude Instrumental: The Gift of Love Andrew Rowberg

is our worship band. In today’s program: Ethan Bertrand, Andrew Rowberg, Tyler Gibson, Pst. Frank